Hi, I'm Grayson,

I'm a web designer from Lane Cove 🇦🇺

I create professional websites for local businesses in a short time, and for an affordable price. 💰

Helping businesses in Sydney get online


Lifestyle blog

0 to 32,000 visitors from SEO

Healing Art

Chatswood traditional chinese medicine clinic

Personal Trainer

Personal trainer demo website

Current projects

A meal voting and menu printing platform for IOS, Android and PC. My task is to design screens for the webapp, landing page and mobile app.

A business mapping webapp for companies to analyse their entire business process in detail. My task is to design the landing page.

About me

Hi there! 👋

I’m Grayson, I’m an Australian web designer and content writer. Edadigital is my registered web design business and my goal is to make people happy.

During complicated projects I have a really good team behind me which I can call upon to work with me. Some of them have 20+ years experience. We enjoy our work and what we do, and will for many years to come.

I have been making websites for the last 3 years. I learn a lot from my father who works for a digital agency operating in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

I am also very skilled in SEO and content marketing. I wrote 54 seo optimised articles for aimprac.com (a brand new blog) to increase their traffic. After 6 months the website now has over 32,000 visitors each month just from Google. Check out the case study here. 👈

Unique feature

Web to sms

Receive live website to phone messages via sms whenever a new client submits the contact form. No more checking emails. This feature increases lead capture by 200% 🚀

With every package

Money back guarantee

I am completely transparent with every single one of my clients. If you are unhappy with your website, I will continue to work on it until you are happy, otherwise you get your money back.

Bonus features

Each package has different features

Fully automated booking and appointment system with pages to see upcoming appointments.

Your business location placed on Google maps for local people searching for your services to see.

Dynamic content pulled from a backend database within wordpress. Allows you to list as many products as you need.

If you are completely unhappy with your website, you get your money back. See terms of services for this.

Search engine optimisation which increases visitors and customers to your website passively.

Your website will be functional and pretty on mobile, tablet and desktop/laptop.

We continue to host and run your website for a small monthly fee forever.

Protect your website against hackers, brute force login attempts and viruses.

Accept online payments and have an online store within your website to list physical or digital products.




A website with the essentials. The best choice for regular businesses that don’t require appointments.



A website with functionality and booking systems. The best choice for appointment based businesses.

🌟 Premium 🌟


A custom website with functionality tailored to you. The best choice to grow and automate your business digitally.

All packages come with monthly updates, admin and tech support. Hosting is included for a small monthly fee.

See terms & conditions for more.

Why me?


I have 8 years experience in digital design. I also have a strong team behind me who work in digital agencies.


I give my full effort to every single project because I enjoy the positive impact I have on a client’s business when I produce good work.


We easily adapt to your needs and wishes, working on it until you are happy. 


I believe in building relationships with my clients and being in constant communication.

My process

Step 1

Project scoping

I listen to and validate the client’s needs, then create service-journeys and confirm the solution. 

Step 2


I sketch wireframes by hand. Then I use photoshop and figma to bring the designs to life.

Step 3

Design and testing

I design the website using wordpress and add all required functionality and search engine optimisation.

Step 4


This stage is an ongoing cycle of client feedback and implimentation until the website is perfect.

or send a direct email

Feel free to send me any questions, I am happy to answer. Each package can be negotiated to your needs. I look forward to working with you. Send me a message. 😃