Boost Pressure Cleaning

Pressure washing services for NSW

The Challenge

Boost pressure cleaning

Duration: 2 months

Methods: Surveys, interviews, card sort, affinity mapping, preference test, wireframes, prototyping.

Tools: Figma, Photoshop, Balsamiq, WordPress, Elementor

Web Design


Pageviews per month


Visitors per month

Competing in organic search

Finding keywords that a small website can rank for can be very time consuming. Our approach quickly compiles a list of content pieces that target these hard to find keywords.

Each individual keyword must be analysed and cherry picked, have a balance between low competition, and have sufficient traffic to be worthwhile. 


Blog posts written

100% effort in every post

I needed to make sure the content was far better than everyone in order for Aimprac to compete with existing websites on page one of Google.

Each post was thoroughly developed with the right content length, content depth, structured data, diagrams, and other factors.

A single post took an average of 3-5 hours to research, write and publish.



Establishing domain authority

Domain authority is a combination of factors that Google will use to gauge how trustworthy a website is.

Higher authority websites have the upper hand over lesser ones in serp ranking.

Backlinks are one of the best ways to grow domain authority. With Aimprac, I made sure to establish white hat backlinks while focusing on the many other tasks.

April 27 2021, Aimprac was accepted into premium ad network Ezoic.

Maximizing ad revenue

Ad revenue doubled after tweaking the blog design for maximum ad placements and optimising ezoic settings.

Brand Design

The brand theme was the outdoors. Specifically snowboarding, camping and hiking.

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